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Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. –Omar Khayyam click to read more at:

Relationship reminder —

At this exact moment you have, and are making, a choice about how to be in your relationships. Are you choosing to be kind? patient? tolerant?

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Mindfulness reminder —

Grant yourself the luxury and the kindness of being still, of being only in this moment– without the burden of the past or thought about the future. Be only here and now, without judgment of this moment. Your life is made of moments, each meaningful and unrepeatable.

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Recent Relationship Maps column (courtesy of The Capital):

Bad habits of discourtesy

The old cliche is, “Familiarity breeds contempt.” I think it should be, more accurately, “Familiarity breeds bad habits.” I think the most common of these bad habits is discourtesy.

Over time we tend to behave with partners and family members with less consideration or consciousness of courtesy than we we would ever consider acceptable with people outside our families. We are more likely to ask strangers for permission, apologize for small slights, or ask to be pardoned for missteps. We treat with MORE courtesy those we care about LESS. How does this make sense?

It’s not that we make a conscious choice to be less considerate to the people that we’re closest to. It just happens. There’s a subtle but insidious erosion of our consciousness about courtesy with the people with whom we’re most familiar and comfortable.

We even have an expression for being particularly courteous when we’re in a non-family social situation — we call it using “party manners”.

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