About me

My training is broad and varied. Philosophically, I am most accurately described as “Ericksonian”, which puts an emphasis on respecting patients and trusting that patients come to therapy already possessing strengths and insights that they may need help identifying or accessing.

My orientation is eclectic, which means that I utilize different kinds of therapies and strategies, choosing and combining based on what I think will be best for any given patient. Sometimes that means a focus on behavior; sometimes it's an examination of negative beliefs; sometimes it could be an exploration of family history, etc.

My style as a therapist is very ACTIVE. I see therapy as an active collaboration between me and the patient. Although I will often ask what YOU think about something, I will also often tell you what I think about it. I don’t just listen—I also talk.

​And I am emphatically PRAGMATIC—I am practical and realistic. I have little interest in answers or techniques, no matter how clever, that you won’t use or won’t work in your real life.

My approach is HOLISTIC– looking at a patient’s whole life, both physical and psychological. As a psychologist, I am just as likely to recommend exercise and healthy nutrition as I am to consider an evaluation for medication.

My doctorate (Ph.D.) is in Counseling Psychology, from the University of Pennsylvania, and was granted in 1979.

I am licensed in the state of Maryland, where I have been practicing as a therapist since 1989.

I have been a columnist, writing a biweekly newspaper column in The Capital

And I am an author, having written a book on relationships:

How to Get and Give Love -- Relationship Maps

available online at Amazon.com

I have specialized post-doctoral training in Couples and Family Therapy (at the Haley-Madanes Family Therapy Institute).

I am certified by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (http://www.asch.net/) and have certification at the Master Level of Hypnotherapy from the National Academy of Clinical Hypnosis.

I am a Fellow of the Maryland Psychological Association (http://www.marylandpsychology.org).

I have been married for over 40 years (since 1975) to Steven H. Sherman, M.D.  We have 2 amazing adult children.