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The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
–Mark Twain Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/authors/mark_twain

Relationship reminder —

If you want to move your relationship in good directions, do it today, do it now. Make the first move — do something kind, or thoughtful, or generous. Whatever it needs to be, do it now.

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Mindfulness reminder —

Mindfulness is about this moment right now– being conscious and present right here, right now. Whatever you need to do, do it now. This moment will not come again.

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Recent Relationship Maps column (courtesy of The Capital):

Try again later

I had a problem with some office technology. I’d run a credit card through the reader and nothing at all would happen. It was as if it was either unable or unwilling to recognize that I was doing something. No matter how many times I’d run and rerun the card, nothing. This was tremendously frustrating. It was as if my actions were irrelevant to the machine. I spoke sharply to it; I pushed all sorts of buttons. I turned the card over and around repeatedly. Nothing. It was as if the machine were determined to ignore or defeat me.

Finally, I remembered some technology wisdom I’d been taught — if nothing you’re doing is working, unplug the offending machine, wait a minute, then plug it back in and let its little brain reboot. This trick works a remarkable amount of the time and has saved many machines from premature disposal.

So I unplugged, waited a little while, replugged, and allowed the machine to reboot while I waited (more or less patiently). The credit card reader now worked perfectly. Hooray! I didn’t need to know why it wasn’t acknowledging me before. I had just needed to wait and try again later.

Sometimes people are a lot like machines.

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