Dr Benna’s Happy New Year Newsletter – 6


And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.
Rainer Maria Rilke

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Relationship reminder —

A new year is a fresh start. How do you want to be in your relationships in this new, fresh year?
Do you want to be kinder, more patient, more generous? Good! Be that. Start right now.

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Mindfulness reminder —

Mindfulness is about being present and conscious of this moment, without being pulled away from it by thoughts of what was or what might be. Be now.

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Recent Relationship Maps column (courtesy of The Capital):

Two people, One heart

Charlotte and Sam had been married for about 5 years. Every year seemed to bring them closer. They’d been very fortunate during their time together. Almost everything important had pretty much gone their way. They didn’t take it for granted. Sometimes they talked about how grateful they were for their good fortune. They worked hard toward their goals too, individually and together, which of course contributed substantially to that good fortune.

Charlotte had worked hard toward one of her most cherished goals—she wanted to change careers (she’d burned out on teaching) and go back to school to become a PA. She’d been taking the necessary prerequisites in evening classes even while she continued working. It was a tough path, but she was determined. She’d finished all the necessary class work, with stellar grades. She’d studied with a vengeance for the MCATs, and had scored well enough to feel a fresh confidence about applying to PA schools. She’d filled out applications for all 4 of the schools that were in reasonable driving distance of their home. After she handed them over to the clerk at the Post Office, Sam took her hand and then kissed her on the forehead, “for luck”.

Then came the waiting. Charlotte swore that the waiting was much harder than all the classes and all the studying combined. At first when the mailbox was empty, Charlotte just shrugged and walked back into the house. After two weeks, however, shrugging was replaced with slamming the mailbox closed, and walking had clearly become stomping. Sam remained sympathetic, even when Charlotte became just a mite irritable over the smallest things, like when she threatened to disembowel him for leaving the sugar bowl on the counter.

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