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“Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.”
― Fred Rogers
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Relationship reminder —

People grow and develop. Relationships grow and develop too. Sometimes an old way has to end for a new one to grow and flourish.

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Mindfulness reminder —

Accepting change — endings and beginnings — is part of growth and of a peaceful path.
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Recent Tumblr blog post:

Bad choices

It has once again come up in my office. One partner is anxious and angry about the other partner’s life choices. It’s usually about one of, or both of, two things — eating and exercise.

It typically looks like this — Partner A makes healthy eating choices and/or exercises regularly. Partner B doesn’t. This makes Partner A anxious because those choices make for a potentially shorter and less healthy life for Partner B. That shorter and less healthy life for Partner B also makes for a potentially less easy, less secure, and less happy life for Partner A.

So Partner A becomes angry at Partner B for making those choices. To Partner A they are simply and obviously bad choices. From Partner A’s point of view, they are bad for BOTH partners. Therefore Partner A feels entitled to influence Partner B’s choices.

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